How to use the Flipping feature

Flipping Feature Documentation
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How to use the Flipping feature

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The flipping feature in the bot will find the prices of the item pairs you have selected and look to sell them higher than we have paid for them.


The currency flipping tab must be a premium or quad tab dedicated to flipping only. The items in this tab will never be sold. They are used for listings only. This means that you should only place one of each flipping item type into this tab. If you have 3 pairings of Chaos -> Alch, Chaos -> Chisel, and Chaos -> Scouring, you would want 1 Alchemy, 1 Chisel, 1 Scouring, and 3 separate Chaos Orbs (1 stack of Chaos Orb 3 times) in your flipping tab. If you are unsure, the bot will automatically place any missing items into the tab for you automatically. All non-flipping items in this tab will have their prices removed.

It is recommended to setup your flips in a way where the common currency is your "Have" item. For instance, if you want to flip Chaos/Alchs with default settings, it is more effective to use "Have: Chaos Orb, Want: Orb of Alchemy" than "Have: Orb of Alchemy, Want: Chaos Orb".

Double clicking a flipping pair once you have chosen one will open detailed flipping settings. You can find more explanation about these settings here.

If you are using the "Automatically determine resell margin", the bot will check the listing prices of both items based on your skip, take, and minimum stock settings and determine if your pairing is a profitable flip. If it is not, the bot will not list the pair at this time.

For security purposes, it is also recommended to use the "Ignore trade requests from potential bots" feature, and the "Ignore trade requests from users with a private profile feature". These may result in less trades/minute and thus less profit, but may help versus bans.
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